It’s a Girl ♥

Another bay girl yeiii im in the month number 5, or 22 weeks of pregnancy, we are so happy aroud my house, and all our family, baby girl will name MARINA and  baby due is february…

Im start nervious this days, dont know why can no sleep, im tired, but can no sleep, and suddenly in middle of the days im fall Zzz yesterday i met a friend that ask me if in tired, i said noooo, why? ^^ she said you look like that, i look at me in the mirror and was rigth i need to sleep at nite …


I understand a lot of people said what w about weeks inprego means?  ^^ if you dont have any kids obviously u  dont use the patern lenguage, well pregnancy have 40 weeks Thats mean 10 months of pregnancy, but the month havent exactly 4 weeks thats, why we count weeks weeks weeks …

The corner of my bed, the post it every morning my love give me, kleenex for bad time, my fav book i never end, ;) ♥ flowers of this week.


Part of my living room, you can read the menú for lunch ^^ was a joke by my husband, to no ask what we going to eat? Ha was funny…

We make our own burger some time @home is always more healthy and more yummmy



She try to learn always in her way


Some sweet breackfast macaron & tea, this is my fav cup for tea or coffee image

Isabella is learning a lot at home before next year she start the school,  a lot of people ask me how she is in school and we said oh NO! She start next year when she have 3 years old… they think she is big, i think is normal well… is my baby  she have 2 years and 4 months.


She miss the beach so take her bathswimming and  take a shower

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Girl ♥

  1. 😉💐 here too valentine day, maybe because was made with love;)
    Thank Jodi,
    Only hope baby don’t come on feb 6th because is my father R.i.p anniversary for me every year feel bad remembering every hour of that day :( but we can no choose the day, for natural born when Marina be ready to come here we are! Big hugs!!! Love

  2. PS
    Looking at the date on the calendar, February of the year 2014–if you just say February ’14, that is Valentine’s Day here in the US every year. 14 de febraro! El dia de amor!

  3. Oh my darling Elsa! I wish I was there to talk with you all about this and paint your toenails :-) For fun!
    I love all the details you include about your life. Also, your posts have so many wonderful photos. Does it take a long time to make one post? I admire your blog! <3


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